Legend Outdoor Wood Furnaces are American made. These water stoves consist of a durable wood-burning fire box surrounded by water. Being surrounded by water prevents burnouts. Try an experiment; hold a candle under a paper cup filled with water, the water boils but the cup won’t burn.

The stainless steel Double Pass Flue runs horizontally through the water jacket. Any wood stove or fireplace looses most of its heat through the flue; with this double pass flue system, the heat of the flue actually helps heat the water tank. The automatic draft system keeps the water in the water tank at a constant 180°. This water makes heat readily available when your house calls for heat. The water jacket is surrounded, like a thermos, by a thick posi-sea™ urethane insulation. Hot water is pumped through an insulated pipe to a heat exchanger unit located in your heating ductwork or through an existing hot water system; radiant floor heat, or baseboard / radiator units. Also, unlike a traditional wood stove or fireplace this system allows for a more constant heat, just as your gas or electric furnace does.